The Death that Redefined my Living

The Death that Redefined my Living

What do you call a man that derives inexplicable joy in giving hand to someone in need? What do you call a man that believes in the power of knowledge so much that he would learn everything good just to be useful in a way in solving people's problems? I call him Omogbolahon Akintunde, my son, my brother, my friend, my teacher, my mentor, my father and ultimately my husband (late). Gboly mi like I love to call him, was a wise, smart, loving and supportive husband with dreams and visions I can't fathom in my wildest dreams. There wasn't much to look forward to in heaven as long as Gboly mi was by my side here on earth, but the life was quick to turn into he when colon cancer invaded. He fought gallantly and bravely till his dying moment, but his death redefined my living.

I experiencedd the suffereing of humanity firsthand and found myself helpless. Though I couldn't save my husband, his death birthed courage and strenght to put up a more brave and hopeful fight against colon cancer, and a cure is coming soon in Jesus name, Amen.

Omogbolahon Akintunde (late) - 1974-2013

Eniola Salu Akintunde - Chairperson, Niola Cancer Care Foundation

The Death that Redefined my Living
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