About NCCF

Niola Cancer Care Foundation is Nigeria’s first non-governmental organization dedicated to creating unmatched awareness for wellness and (specifically) colorectal cancer, conduct screening for early detection, advocate for better treatment and support research for its cure.

Our vision is to set up colorectal cancer screening and Management centers in Nigeria, with capacity to screen up to 100,000 individuals yearly by 2030.

Our Mission is to campaign for wellness and early detection through communication and engagement platforms, while leveraging solid partnership with our stakeholders and volunteers.




  • We believe every human being deserve to live in good health


  • We foster a transparent organizational structure among all concerned parties and partners. We are accountable to our stakeholders for every resource in our care; we provide regular reports and updates on our activities


  • We belief everyone of us has the power to do something, and the total sum of our collaboration exceed our individual outputs.


  • We understand what it means to go through the experience of colorectal cancer; we therefore care.


  • We approach every task with attention to details, producing excellent results.