In many developed societies, the cause to improve healthcare isn’t a task left for the government alone but rather is a deliberate effort of bringing donations together from public sector and private sector partnerships. In Nigeria, the case is pretty dire and in need of viral education, quick injection of funds and policy setup by government to quickly arrest the deplorable state of cancer treatment and management in Nigeria.

Population Nigeria: 180,000,000 has only one Radiotherapy machine working for a population that records about 250,000 new cases of cancer every year. 

Education: Sadly enough most cancers can most often be treated and managed effectively if detected early but insufficient education and awareness plus religious and cultural sentiment are core challenges which have to be tackled to create desired awareness.

Our Strategic Objectives are four-fold 

  • Awareness/Mobilization

  • Early Screening & Detection

  • Better Care & Management

  • Supporting Research

We accept kind donations to help us achieve the above stated objectives across Nigeria. 


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