Letter to Nigeria

Dear Nigeria

I was born into this great green land, Nigeria it is called, gifted with lots of booming branches, heavenly decorated coasts with sapphires, mother to great seeds, root to strong plants and a great land.

I can't help but ponder on what went wrong, who began the sail into this zone of cruelty and nonchalant attitudes towards lives of old and young citizens? Lives now replaces withered leaves, falling off without care or notice.

This blessed nation has a President, a Vice president, 24 indigenous commissioners, 14 indigenous special advisers, 360 indigenous house of representative members, 109 indigenous house of Senate members, over 700 councilors not to mention other political appointments still held by roots of same land.

I am not a politician or aspiring to become one but all our cabinet members are sons and daughters of this land. Can they all donate their monthly allowances and salaries for just a month to help reduce cancer death rates in Nigeria by building and equipping more hospitals, providing necessary amenities to safe precious lives, building necessary amenities for day to day survival in slum areas? Hmmmmmmm it's a deep question and request right? I know but still wish for an answer.

I entered a street around my area some weeks back and the number of churches and mosques inside this small street ehn ! It’s more than a pack of cubed sugar. On a street close to my place of work, there are 7 parishes of a particular Christian denomination with few meters apart from each other (I don't want to mention names). I am a Christian and a proud one at that , so please don't think I’m being biased about religions here , mosques also closely built in a single location .Can we build more cancer care centers and get more radiotherapy machines , and even invest in preventive measures , build more primary health care centers in slum areas and providing all that will in need of to save lives , establish free health policies for the less privileged , sponsor the mentally derailed people instead of letting them go wild into the streets, instead of building excess house of worships with less than 20 members and still struggling for the lives of our loved ones?.

A fellow Nigerian whose hands are honeyed with wealth asked the public for advice on how to spend his money, please i need the address to this man's house, I'm very sure he's suffering from mental disorder or he was probably high on hard drugs, how will a living being with conscience ask such when the nation's lack, wants and needs can even be seen by an infant.

Instead of building countless houses and still not staying in any, why can't you donate some to the homeless and receive peace in your heart that you're doing the right thing even if it’s just once in a life time?

Some people don't even know what tap water tastes like, some don't even know what a night without mosquitoes feels like because mosquitoes and other illness causing insects have been their partner since birth, some don't have up to 2 clothes since their existence on earth, some don't know what good food does to the body, some prefer to spend countless millions on luxury and jewelries but they've never given a cup of Garri out to those in need! Hmmm what a world we live in.

Please safe a soul today!
Cancer must be exiled from our land!
Mental health care must improve
Innocent children must be saved
Poverty must be eradicated!

Letter to Nigeria

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