Press Exposure

Thisday Live - 29th December 2016

"Campaign against incidence of high rate of colorectal cancer", was the subject of the interview granted by the founder of Niola Cancer Care Foundation, Eniola Salu, to Thisday newspapers. This was conducted upon her visit to cancer patients at the Lagos State Teaching Hospital to celebrate Chirstmas day on the 25th of December 2016. She had a few words to share about raising awareness of colorectal cancer. 

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The Nation Newspapers - 3rd February 2017

The Nation Newspaper interviewed the Founder of Niola Cancer Care Foundation, Eniola Salu, and she discussed at length how Colorectal Cancer is creeping into our society disguised. Fortunately for Nigerians, she mentions in the interview that the easiest way to prevent the rising profile of this ailment is to go for regular Fecal Occult Blood tests which her foundation makes affordable at he rate of one thousand naira only for anyone above the age of 45. Those that also experience discomforts or pains int he stomach and abdomen are also encouraged to come for a tests to eliminate the risk of having CRC.

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Thisday Live - 9th February 2017

Thisday Live interview the Head of Medical of Niola Cancer Care Foundation, Dr. Adedapo Osinowo and discussed the several risk factors that lead to development of colorectal cancer. Most of our eating habits and lifestyles contribute majorly to these risk factors and therefore it is pertinent to watch what we take in. The Group MD of Reddington Hospital, Dr. Tunde Lalude, further lamented the lack of sufficient machinery to support cancer treatment in Nigeria.

Details of interview here.